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Serbian Government Employs New Measures To Fight Protestors

Kategorija: Intervju ; Datum : 20. 04. 2019.

Pisao sam ponovo za Pavlovic Today In the aftermath of the opposition rally in Serbia which took place on April 13, the government is taking new measures to paint a make-believe narrative that does not correspond with the situation on the ground, Milos Djajic reports from Belgrade. After four months of relentless demonstrations, on Saturday, April 13, Serbian opposition held a massive rally “All as one […]


29 Years After Milosevic, Serbia Is Still Fighting For Press Freedoms

Kategorija: Intervju ; Datum : 23. 03. 2019.

Pisao sam za The Pavlovic today u vezi sa protestima i upadom u RTS.   Nineteen years after the fall of Milosevic, Serbia is still fighting for press freedoms, as though it is Groundhog Day. The Serbian government controls the media and does not let any news that deviates from the official narrative get out. Gathered around ‘1 of 5 Million’ protest in Belgrade, Serbs […]

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